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Stay guided each month with powerful hypnosis or meditations, podcasts, mantras, & play sheets inspired by empowering monthly themes

Participate in Live monthly calls with Tara where you'll have an opportunity to ask questions and go deeper into the wisdom teachings 

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Self Love & Self Compassion!

Enjoy feeling peaceful and accepting of who you are!

Start each month with a podcast and mantras to develop greater self-awareness

Join the webinar for Star Circle members and social community to discuss what you've learned, to ask questions & receive insightful mentorship

Use the resource play sheets that Tara provides to keep you motivated and focused on empowering mindsets

Open to the adventure of life!

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The POWER Of Presence!

Enjoy Simple, Peaceful Power

Learn great tools to resolve emotional conflicts within yourself and in your relationships

Receive helpful mantras to feel inspired and attuned to joy!

Feel resilient even in challenging time

Release negative thinking

Time To Dive Into Mastering

Self Expression!

Dicover the Power of Being You, Just As You Are!

Shift your mindset

Experience open-hearted radiance

Learn to relax in nourishing ways

Establish beautiful life balance

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Powerful & Essential Life Mentorship

Live Sessions with Tara

Participate in Tara's group coaching sessions to explore important topics on relationships, work, tantra, mindset, healing, nutrition and spirituality.

Member's Only Podcast

Tara sets the stage for adventure and exploration in her Monthly Mentorship podcast created exclusively for Mentorship Circle members.

Guided Meditations

Get access to new guided meditations centred around the monthly exploration topic and other transformational bonus meditations to deepen your practice.

Facebook Group

Get connected with the Star Circle Facebook Page for daily interaction as a community. It’s a great place to share your challenges & successes, as well as to connect with like minded stars, like you!

Access to All Archived Content

View and download all past content and bonus materials exclusive to active subscribers.

10% Off Stand-Alone Courses

You'll receive 10% off when you purchase online courses from the shop.

Choice Sheets

The monthly Choice Sheets offer you an exercise that is all about creating crystal clear clarity in your mind about what you choose in life.

Action Sheets

Action Sheets are crafted to assist you to deepen into the into the topic for the month & to ask you insightful and helpful questions to empower you on your journey.

Monthly Mantras

You'll receive powerful Monthly Mantras in the form of positive, affirming, inspiring questions.

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